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  • The Serpent's Grasp
    The Serpent's Grasp
    by C. Kevin Thompson



  • Thirty Days Hath Revenge
    Thirty Days Hath Revenge
    by C. Kevin Thompson



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    Do you like good storytelling? Action? Suspense? Thrillers that thrill? Do you find yourself drawn to flicks like Hunt for Red October, Jurassic Park, Sherlock Holmes, The Bourne Identity, and Taken? Or TV shows like 24, The Last Ship, and The Blacklist?

    Do you like adventure? Heros you can cheer on? All the while, experiencing the truth woven into a story that leaves you pondering things long after the last page is turned? When the credits scroll? When the advertisement for the next show appears?

    That's what I hope for when I crack open up a book, plop down in a theater seat with my popcorn in hand, or turn on the "telly."

    And that's what I attempt to do when I write.

    I like to see the story unfold, picture it in what I like to call "the movie screen of my mind." Write it as if someone could easily transform it to the "big screen." That's what good novels do, right? Suspense thrillers should draw you in, grab you by the proverbial throat, and never let go until the book is closed.

    My books, The Serpent's Grasp & 30 Days Hath Revenge, are the first two installments of that process and are available now.

    The Serpent's Grasp is a scientific suspense thriller that Michael Crichton fans would enjoy. It repeatedly gets its themes and premise validated in the news. This link is just the latest.

    Thirty Days Hath Revenge is the first book in an international suspense thriller series that is being likened to the writings of Clive Cussler, Frederick Forsythe, and Joel Rosenberg. That's not me saying those things. That's reader feedback.

    Oh, and did I mention the awards? Apparently, some folks in "the biz" believe my writing has merit as well. So, I can honestly say, with proof to back it up, that when I say the writing is good, I'm not delusional.

    To read more about my books, catch a significant sneak peek of each, or order a copy from one of the many outlets available, click on the book tabs at the top of the page or the links embedded in this page. Enjoy!

    Also, I hope to hear from you in the future. I love talking about books, writing, and the truths of God's Word and how they apply to everyday living...and fiction. If you're a writer and would like to read what amounts to a daily devotional for writers, check out my blog page and look for the entries entitled, "Delving into the Mind of a Writer as He Reads Through the Bible in a Year." There are about 40 entries thus far. I'll be adding more as I move through God's Word in this way.

    You can sign up for my newsletter to the right of this page. It will be sent out quarterly (unless something big is happening inbetween those times). You can send me an email, if you like, via the Contact tab at the top of the page. You can ask a question via my "Got a Question?" page. You can follow me on Twitter: @CKevinThompson. You can follow me on Facebook, too. And don't forget, the Upcoming Events tab above gives you a heads up on where I've been and where I'll be in the weeks and months to come. 

    Looking forward to getting to know you! May God bless you and yours, and may you bless God along the way.




    So, you're probably wondering...

    What's up with Triple Time, Book 2

     in the Blake Meyer Thriller series?

    (Drum roll, please...)


    Blake encouraged Kevin to step out on a limb...and pursue a literary agent.

    That pursuit has come to fruition! Kevin officially joined the Hartline Literary Agency family in early August! He is represented by Jim Hart.

    Now, Kevin will continue working on Blake's series.

    Triple Time, Book 2 in the series, is complete and ready for the publisher's editorial process to begin and finding a home for the remainder of Blake's series becomes "Job #1."

    In the meantime, Kevin has also completed Book 3, The Tide of Times (a tentative title taken from the Shakespearean play, Julius Caesar), and hopes to start Book 4 in the series in August, '15.

    Blake has almost confirmed with Kevin that the series should be six books in length as opposed to the originally planned five.

    They will be meeting soon to nail that down.

    While you wait, Blake says it's a great time to read Book 1, 30 Days Hath Revenge!


    What else is happening at

    Hot from the Great News Department:

    Kevin has been invited to be a regular contributor on the Christian Authors Network (CAN) Blog, starting Wednesday, March 25, 2015. His blogs will appear every 4th Wednesday. This blog is an industry icon, and is seen by thousands, and spans not only fiction, but non-fiction, and screenwriting.

    Kevin has been also been invited to be a regular contributor for the blog entitled, Seriously Write, which encourages and equips writers along the writing journey. His first post will appear Friday, October 24, and continue to appear on the fourth Friday of each month (excluding December). The blog receives over 100,000 views per month, and is a very well-established blog within the CBA market. Stop by and check it out!

    Kevin says to be on the lookout for Supervisory Special Agent Blake Meyer's upcoming Facebook page, due to launch once Book 2's publication date is announced! He says it will be a...uh, blast!

    The Serpent's Grasp is alive and well in the news once again! Check out this article from late July, 2014! Kevin wonders if Anthony Fontaine is on the Board of Trustees for California State University @ Northridge... There's also word Kevin might be working on the screenplay of this novel.

    Kevin was a guest blogger again on ACFW's blog, dated July 14. His post entitled, Getting in Touch with Your Inner-Psychopath, is an enlightening story about Sue Grafton and how she got her start...and the parallels between Sue's beginnings in this crazy business called "being a writer," and Kevin's start.


    Kevin has also been a guest blogger for More To Life Magazine as well as a being asked to write a column for MTL's World column. Check out these links on my Press Info section, too!


     Just a reminder, Kevin’s Latest Novel, 30 Days Hath Revenge, is still available on Kindle for $4.99!


    A Clandestine Mission.

    A Cryptic Message.

    A Chaste Promise.

    Blake Meyer dreamed of a peaceful end to a dutiful career with the FBI. Married now, his life was taking him in a new direction—a desk job. He would be an analyst. Ride it out until retirement. Be safe so he could enjoy his grandchildren some day.

    But when a notable member of the IRA is murdered in a London flat, Blake’s secretive past propels him into the middle of a vindictive, international scheme so hellish and horrific, it will take everything Blake possesses—all of it—to save the United States from the most diabolical terrorist attack to date. 


     Click on the tab at the top of the page to go to this book's own page and check out the sneak peek! 


     Keep an eye on Kevin's Blog (link at the top of the page) as he teams up with Gospel for Asia! Kevin used K. P. Yohannan's book, No Longer a Slumdog, to help set the stage for some of his Blake Meyer Series.


     Kevin was a guest blogger on ACFW's Blog for April 21, 2014! His entry was entitled, "Incredible Writing Done Credibly." He also was a guest blogger for ACFW on July 14, 2014, with the post entitled, "Getting in Touch with Your Inner-Psychopath."